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I looked up every forum post I could find. And the last couple of times I have voted I haven't gotten gold. I waited the time limit on how long its supposed to be delivered, but an hour later I did not get any gold. Is there something wrong with the sites or whats going on. I am not here to rage I am just confused on if it is happening to anyone else.

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Sucks that you havent got your gold D=

You can try this info here: http://panel.epicpw.com/voting-info.php
Usually relogging may help. If it doesnt you can start a topic on our helpdesk: http://epicpw.com/helpdesk and they'll give you a hand ^-^

Hope it gets sorted for you =D
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It's just some gold  :sad:


Sometimes it takes time but it always arrives. At least for me it does. Wish you luck :'(

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Don't cry if u won't get it once, better luck next time :'(