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Warsoul weapons and Halloween event

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Nobody bother to farm candies anymore, so maybe it's worth add Warsoul weapons to Halloween NPC with expire time lets say 24h. So every class can test these weapons worth to bother or no. This way PVE players can make some more EC, and PVP players can be sure they dont need Warsoul weapons.
Maybe not this weekend when TW and NW going, but next week after TW reset so everyone can test them in regular PK.

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Good idea. I can test Abysmal Tides this way.

Offline Zerk

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I have used a warsoul bow and can safely say r8r is alot better, the pdmg is too low even with a 50 attack lvl boost
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Why not? Not like Warsoul weapons are more op than R8 weapons.

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1170-1489 atack that bow has,so...i seen people with that type of bow hittin 6k.(pibs) and was critic..and his r8 bow hittin me 9k-11k...i can easy say r8r > any type of wep in game based on damage. who'll get that,won't be op,will be underpowered....so..would be just a joke.