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Do you want expanded Account Stash?

40 (83.3%)
I don't care
8 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 42

Account Stash

Offline Xcution

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So, I don't really know whether this was suggested before or no (but probly was). What I suggest is to expand account stash. I and lots of people I know have loads of items that are scattered on all toons, and everytime I want to put em all in one place or just want to transfer a lot of items to new alt I make I have to put items in stash, switch toons, withdraw stuff, switch back again, put more stuff, switch, take, switch, put and on and on.
Would it be possible to expand stash to lets say 32 items instead of current 16? It should be possible, just like we got our inventories expanded to 80 slots.

P.S. No flamez and sparklez pls.

Offline ~TheQueenB~

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agreed, this would be a HUGE help for sure!! expanded stash please  :tiger-46:
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Offline Charismatic Angel

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YES! I love this idea. With all of the EC farming, Mat farming, and etc etc it begins to get annoying :(

Offline Meese

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Would enjoy a bigger account stash.

Offline Tannis

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+1, Having to trade stacks upon stacks of r8 mats, ec, and mats gets annoying with such a limited space.

Offline Vixen ♡

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 think it would be super helpful for this to happen
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Offline Devil Trigger

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Yeah be helpful I haven't gotten the extra WS belt or Cube for a few alts so I have to transfer to account stash gets full sometimes having to unload my items on one toon then load up and repeat be awesome if possible

Offline Xcution

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Just got overfilled stash again xD. Tried transfering few stacks of ec and r8 mats.
Result: 7 relogs to switch toons and 20 minutes of wasted time.

Offline BlueRose

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Yeah, This will be fine, even tho i don't care at all  :))

Offline wesnan10

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 :))  +1 i rly  like the idea to  make it bigger  :))

Offline ☠EvilTouch☠

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From what i talked with Agatio it wasn't tested yet, so we will see if its possible after some tests.

Offline HellishKitty

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dont care for it only for alt users

Offline Fantom13

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Hope this could be done.

Offline MAB

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Would enjoy a bigger account stash.
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Offline Xcution

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Most likely not possible since pw devs didn't add it.   :smiley:
Maybe they didn't add it because people in PWI are too poor to have excess items and don't need increased stash, thus they probly didn't even ask because stash increase would come in form of something like "Larger Account Stash Stone" which would cost gazillion golds to buy?