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Reflective aura genie skill

Offline crosserke01

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I have a question about the genie skill called Reflective aura.
It's a skill for blademasters only and has the effect to reflect magic damage.
It lasts for 2 seconds + each 24 str increases the duration by one second.
I Have 72  str so the duration should be 5 seconds.
Up to 100000 damage will be reflected it says.

I have tested it out on my friend who has a wizzard,but after several attemps of him hitting me and me using the skill, he didn't receive any damage back.
I also didn't notice any decreased damage on me.

Am I doing something wrong?
Does anybody have the same problem or does it work for anybody?

Offline Agatio

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As far I remember, this skill works only in full PvP areas (like TW, NW, Nightscream Isle, Arena) and in duels.

Offline crosserke01

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OK thanks Agatio
Seems I'm just not using it right.