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Have a Spooky Halloween !

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Lets see.... I spent My Halloween with a terrible backache, from my previous injury from October 2nd to now took 2 vicodins, promethazine with a Naproxen and ate 5 mini pieces of candy twix, snickers, and milkway. other 2 was I think musketeers? chilled with brother who chewed on a napkin and spat spit balls at me with a starbucks green straw was fun taha and played Dragon Age 2 lol had no people knocking on the apartment door for candy which was nice. I'm a Hermit my Entire family is ahah. but it was fun, quiet, but loud enough and fun for me and Chunk. (Older brother.)
Probably better than my night, I sat watching movies.  :normal-12:

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Happy Halloween...EvilTouch give me x3 int in wrist ahaha...

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EvilTouch gimme his candy ? :) oh by the way gratz on becoming head gm

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Halloween veri fun.
//even though i got the least candy ever this year but most fun.  :-[
Except for my mask.
It was gross.
Very gross.
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Hallowen at egypt just sucks :×

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I'm taking any left over candy donations.....

♥ Love and will miss you guys ♥
Resigned to start playing real life c:

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Donky taught me how to pimp and be mature.  :normal-35:
so he must have ass kicked u till u learned

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When did all those gms come O.O

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Probably better than my night, I sat watching movies.  :normal-12:
well I spent Halloween at school so ur lucky x.x

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I loved it :3 Made a lot of ec!  :-*

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Poland no halloween sad country I send bombs on myself


Watched movies with my sexy nerd of a wife. ;)