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Faster card crafting?/ Card packs (Card bosses)

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I was wondering if we could make the process of crafting the 8 cards for the card bosses a little faster? Or maybe put it on a pack like the wedding packs so it wouldn't take us so long because the crafting process takes kind of a long time. In my opinion, I would rather use that time I spent on crafting on starting to do the quest. :smiley:

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Seems like a decent idea. Nothing more annoying than waiting an eternity for a few bars to fill up.

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God it takes such a long time to finish crafting.
That i gave up on it overall.
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Offline Meese

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This has been suggested before and Agatio said he would look into it, but I think he just forgot. This would be very useful for people doing Card Bosses.

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God, yes plis. Doing 16 (+1) bosses is time consuming enough, surely the crafting process can be shortened a bit.

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Yes, indeed, if the crafting time could be somehow reduced (assuming that it's not a lot of work) it would be great for card farmers! :)
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I dunno if I'd want the card packs because then everyone and their momma would do it and then the price for certain items (like SLS) can drop (which can be a good thing if you're buying, not so much if you're selling). 

Faster crafting? I can dig that.

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Offline Johania

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+1 i like the idea.  it could be like craft all 8 cards for one boss in one try.
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Offline Dewy

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+1. Just crafting all 8 cards for one boss in one go would help a lot.