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Nov 27, 2011, 09:34 pm by Agatio | Views: 1981 | Comments: 1

1. Added quest in Genesis Lands:
- Kill 3x 15 mobs to get 4 Gaia Soulgems (+350 HP)

Quest can be taken from God's Giving. The idea is to help new players to upgrade their starting gear quick and with big profit, so they can participate in PK events and farm their end-game gear without big troubles.

2. Imbue price of rare soulgems decreased from 1kk to 100k.

3. Added new event accessories.

4. Recraft Stone Quest reward increased from 1 to 2.
Nov 25, 2011, 07:08 pm by Agatio | Views: 2354 | Comments: 0

- Gaia Stones added as a Events reward
- Flame Orbs reward from quest increased from 1 to 2
- Material rewards from Chrono Quests increased by 100%
- Few minor fixes

Nov 23, 2011, 05:49 pm by Agatio | Views: 3942 | Comments: 0

Now we will use the different version identification, it was needed to match the client version of the game.
If you already installed auto updater you don't have to download files below:

For everyone that haven't installed Auto Updater yet, please download this file and follow the instructions in info.txt.
Auto Updater
Nov 16, 2011, 10:32 am by Burdette | Views: 94994 | Comments: 2

Index of content:

Epic Perfect World was made for players to have fun. We gather many different players and personalities and misunderstandings tend to happen. But please remember to respect each other and have discussions, not arguments. If you find yourself disagreeing with another member, make sure that your opinion is well thought and express it in polite way. Please understand that there are views different than yours. Treat other players exactly how you would like to be treated yourself.

Please read the game rules below thoroughly and follow them during your gameplay.

Important notes

  • Punishments below are only default penalties. But since every case is different, penalties can vary depending on offense.
  • If player is continuously breaking same rule despite previous punishments, his penalty length will keep accumulating.
  • If player keeps breaking this rule on different characters, the consequences will still be accumulated.
  • Warnings do not have to be PM'd. If there is a world chat infraction, a warning may be given via world chat.
  • It's not mandatory for Staff member to warn player depending on the situation.

Interacting with players

1.1   You may speak only English in World Chat.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned, or muted in the case that they know the rule already (repeated warnings / mutes in the past)

1.2.  No spamming, flaming, insulting other players, starting drama or excessive vulgarity in any channel.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned.
  • 2nd. Player will be muted for 4 hours.
  • Posting links to inappropriate websites/images will result in an immediate 1 week account ban.

2.1   No continuous harassment or serious insults, this includes, real life/family insults, racism, sexual harassment.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Depending on the offense, player will be warned, muted or account banned for 1 day.
  • 2nd. If the player continues with the harassment the account in question will be banned for 5 days. (This implicates returning with an alt character/account to keep the problems going).
  • 3rd. Ultimately if the player continues causing problems and insulting other players, the IP related to that account and related accounts will be banned permanently.

2.2.  Absolutely no giving out anyone's personal or real life information. This includes webpages, messenger names, phone numbers, or addresses.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • Player will be banned depending on the offense.

3.1  No names to be found overly offensive. (Example: racial slurs or obscenities)
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • Character will be forced to change the name or banned permanently depending on circumstances

3.2   No making new characters/factions to troll, insult, or mimic an existing character or faction.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned and asked to delete troll character or faction or banned for 1 day if name contains insult
  • 2nd. Player will be banned for a 3 days and the troll character or faction will be deleted.

4.1  Using any methods which purpose is to obtain account details of other players without their awareness or logging on player's account to take their items without their will, results in permanent ban of all linked accounts of the cheater. This includes impersonation, pasting scamming links, asking for account details in order to "donate", or stealing items from account you share, but don't own.

4.2  Using any methods to cheat/scam the person from items will result in few days account ban up to permanent ban, depending on the scale of the offense. This includes Points scamming or purposefully putting wrong amount of EC on trade window.

4.3  GM impersonation is forbidden - player will receive warning or ban, depending on the circumstances.

5. No advertisements, with exceptions that players can advertise their own work.
Breaking this rule will result on the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned.
  • 2nd. Player will be muted or banned with length that is depending on player's offense.

Contact with staff members

6.1 No arguing with a GM or accusing GM of favoritism towards players or guild for any reason in any chat. If you have a problem send a private message in game or on the forum to Burdette.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. If the player in question is disturbing the server to complain about a Game Master action, the player will be warned to stop the comments that are leading into problems.
  • 2nd. If the player continues to disturb the server with his comments in any chat, he will be banned from game with length depending on the offense.
  • 3rd. If the conversation between the Game Master in question and the player in question doesn't reach a stable decision, there will be a meeting between the GM's to discuss how to punish the player.

6.2.  Serious insults or harassing Game Master will cause player's account to banned with length depending on the offense. Changing alt characters to continue harassment can make all accounts of the player be banned permanently.

6.3  The support chat room is for assistance only. If you do not have a question/problem to be solved by a staff member, please do not use the chat. Staff will never invite you to the chat room. Players who abuse the chat room by joining and spamming invites to it will receive a two hour account ban. Continued abuse will result in a 1 day ban. Punishment after that will be determined by the staff.

Account management and terms of service

Every created game or forum account is property of Epic Perfect World and may be terminated or edited at any time with or without reason.
During your gameplay of Epic Perfect World, you agree that security of your account is your responsibility, thus you are responsible for any actions which are done to or from your account. We have done everything to protect your account on our end. You also agree that giving out your login details will compromise the security of your account and you fully accept any consequences which may come of such.
You are aware that in case of losing access to your account which was a result of giving out your login details, we will give you absolutely no support to help you recover your account or lost items.

7.1  Publicly selling/buying or trading game accounts is forbidden and will result in permanent ban. World chatting about 'giving account away' is also strictly forbidden, resulting as well in a permanent ban of the accounts in question.

7.2 Publicly trading ingame items for non EPW-related things (like real money, phone load or virtual currency of other game/server)  will result in a permanent ban of the player, only exception being that players are allowed to sell their drawings. Custom EPW-related work, like UIs or Models can only be sold for ingame items.

You are allowed to sell and buy accounts and items for non-ingame things, but this must be done in private and you are not allowed to publicly tell other players that you are selling or buying items or accounts in neither in-game or outside of game chats where there might be players who are not friends with you. Messaging random players about this is not allowed either, you can only talk about this with friends in private.
You are also not allowed to say if someone else is selling or buying items or accounts for non-ingame things. Doing this will result in a mute or ban, depending on the situation.
Account or item selling or buying for non EPW-related things is completely your responsibility and Epic Perfect World staff will not assist you if you get scammed. If there are any scams related to trades for non-ingame things then the scammer will be permanently banned, but the player who got scammed won't get their items back.

Game client usage

8.1.  Using fly hack or third party game tools/bots is forbidden, this includes using Auto-Cultivation (F12). The rule does not concern so called gear macros/scripts.
Breaking this rule will result on the following:
  • 1st. character ban for 1 day
  • 2nd. account ban for 5 days
  • 3rd. long ban duration decided by GM

8.2.  Abusing in-game glitches and unintended developer bugs to get any advantage is forbidden.
Breaking this rule will result on the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned to stop using bug or be account banned with length that is depending on the player's offense.

8.3.  Multi-clienting is allowed. However there are some exceptions. You may not multi-client in:
  • Territorial Wars. (Rule concerns multi-clienting in one or more TWs at the same time)
  • Nation Wars
  • Heroic Battle
  • Snake Isle Racing
  • Daily Rancor Events (up to 2 characters allowed)
  • Halloween / Snowmen events (up to 2 characters allowed)
  • Sunset Valley
  • Capture the Flag
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st.  Player will be warned and have his alts kicked from game (1 min ban if person was caught by GM while multi-clienting).
  • 2nd. If player keeps multi-clienting despite warning, he will be banned with length that is depending on the offense.

Rules for Territorial Wars

Fake Territorial Wars bids aren't allowed. Fake bid occurs when at least one of the following is met:
  • player bids with a faction that has less than 10 active people.
  • player bids on a land, but does not show up for the war or only small part of guild does
  • player bids with alt faction

What is alt faction?
  • leader of the bidding faction has officer position (Marshal, Director or Leader) in other TW guild OR
  • bidding faction consist mainly alts of other TW guild

Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. The leader of the fake faction with all his accounts will be banned for 2 weeks.
  • 2nd. Permanent account ban of leader of the fake faction and his accounts.

Rules for Custom GM Events

1.   No PVPing/Pking during custom events within eyesight of the GM and while he/she is giving out the prizes. (This rule and consequences can be changed AT THE BEGINNING of the event at the discretion of the GM holding the event in case they wish it to be pvp/pk allowed).
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned to not repeat the action.
  • 2nd. 30 minutes ban of the player.

2.   No KSing during event where bosses/mobs are being killed unless specified differently by the GM hosting the event or if the event is in a designated event PK zone(Cave of Sadistic Glee).
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned to not repeat the action.
  • 2nd. 30 minutes ban of the player.

3.   No giving answers or guesses in world chat or normal chat during the Hide&Seek and quiz events; if you wish to help others please do so in whisper, squad chat, guild chat or a chat room.
Breaking this rule will result in the following:
  • 1st. Player will be warned to not repeat the action.
  • 2nd. 30 minutes mute.

Forum Rules

1.   Act accordingly to the common sense. Respect other forum users and be polite. Do not insult, do not spam, don't post inappropriate content. Make sure that your forum messages are always related to the topic.

2. No advertisements, with exceptions that players can advertise their own work.

3. No giving out personal / sensitive information under any circumstance.

4. Do not question a staff members action at anytime whatsoever no matter how much you feel they are wrong. If you have problems with a staff member, don't post it on the forums or complain about it in world chat or normal chat. If you cannot settle the matter in whisper to said GM then send all complaints against the Staff Member to Burdette.

5. Making new forum accounts to escape the punishments is not tolerated and will end up with at least 2x higher penalty for each such offense.

6. Necroing old threads without a real reason is not allowed.

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