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CoA (City of Abominations)

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~Guide Content~

~ When is CoA;
~ How to Enter in CoA;
~ How does CoA work;
~ Whats the point in doing Coa;
~ Rewards and Rules of rewards;

When is CoA?

City of Abominations also known as CoA, starts every Wednesday at 20:50 server time.

How to enter in City of Abominations?

To enter in CoA you need to follow some easy steps, which will become easier every week ;)
So lets start, first of all you need to talk to any Khatru Pup in any of the following Cities:

~ Archosaur (North, South and West);
~ Dreamweaver (Up on the Hill near the NPC's for the skills);
~ Etherblade;
~ Lost City;
~ Tellus;
~ Tideborn;
~ Plume City;
~ 1 Thousand Streams;
(Might be more but im not remembering)

When talking to Khatru Pup you will have to choose the option "Fighters of Abominations". This option will be available at precisily 20:50 (server time), and the CoA event will start 10min later, at exactly 21:00 (server time).

How does CoA work?

After talking to Khatru Pup, you will be teleported into CoA but into 1 of the 4 rooms, this is totally random, you are not able to choose the room you want to go. The room names goes as follows:

~ Tiger
~ Tortoise
~ Phoenix
~ Turtle

IMPORTANT NOTE: The max number of players inside CoA is of 150.

After you are inside its pretty simple, all you have to do is to kill Bosses inside which will drop the following item:
Astral Orb
This is mainly all you need to do inside, farm this item.

Every Boss inside CoA have its own drops and details, as the scheme below will show.

Choose well your spot to farm ;)

When the event ends you can turn in your Astral Orbs for various rewards at the Dark Messenger that appears, the most wanted item here are the Epic Coins. Theres a little trick though about this excahnge, and here comes the interesting part of CoA. The 4 rooms that you are randomly thrown into will be fighting each other. You might wonder, "but fight how?", i'll tell you, by farming the Astral Orbs. Each room will have a count, this count goes by Astral Orbs which turn into CoA Points. System messages (yellow ones) will be sent from time to time, each time a room reaches a certain number of points.
This points are important for the final rewards, or else this event wouldn't be any fun ;)
In the end there will be a winning room, which will be announced also as a System Message (yellow aswell). This winning room will have a higher exchange ratio for the prizes.
Since here the most wanted prize are the Epic Coins i'll show the diference on that prize only.

Winning Room Ratio ~ 10:3
This means that for 10 Astral Orbs you will get 3 Epic Coins.

3 Losing Rooms Ratio ~ 10:1
This means that for 10 Astral Orbs you will get 1 Epic Coins.

This is all there is to know about City of Abominations ;)
Hope to see you all in there next week ;D

Information taken from:

~ Mostly made it myself ;)
~ Map + Bosses informations taken from PWI Wiki
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A minor fix needed I think, cuz only at 2 npc can exchange rewards not sure this is for porpuse or a bug but seen ppls stand at npc and complaining why they can't turn the orbs to ec :)

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they were using the old Astral Orbs, from the previous server :/
i explained to 1 of those people already hehe
the item is the same but the id of the item on the database is another, so they cant be changed.

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Is there any way to balance this event for every class?... I mean, it's an asassin event, they can make 1000+ orbs in the event with a good spot
Haku - Mystic 150
Pizza - Cleric 150

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how to balance ?
there are alrdy imune to physical monsters, so casters can get some.
i cant think of a way to balance this event more than it is :/

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Time to make MGs for CoA