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How to make level 120 stuffs? I already got the materials to make it but dont know how to make it

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Go to a major city (Lost City, Archosaur W or S, Thousand Streams City) and find the weapon, armor, and accessory forges. These will all be located beside each other. There you can make your 120 gear.

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:

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Nevermind, sometimes it's actually useful to read the whole sentences   :normal-18:

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I already read all that guide but no one of the guide give me how to make it
those guides only tell how to get the materials and to echant it   :sad:

thanks btw for answering  ;D

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you will need to drag the items into the forges.

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You can go to the forges (armour , accessory and weapon) and click on the tabs for the 120 armour, usually its a name. (I think it was the arena armour, not sure though) For example the demonic tab is the 140 gear and demonic is the name of the 140 set. Then you click on the armour you want to make and click start.