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ᴴᵉ ᶜᵒᶰᵠᵘᵉʳˢ ʷʰᵒ ᵉᶰᵈᵘʳᵉˢ

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Nice video  :normal-4: GF Xpen <3

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Master gameplay, master music, master TW.
good game (y)

best game to ever exist

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[move]youtube.com/elijahpvp, check out my vids[/move]
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XD i am retired haha lol

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  • blessed be the boys time can't capture

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Behold the great and fair officers of tyrants
5-0 confirmed, Apollumi the greatest guild made world record destroyed Tyrants in 8 mins in TW

Apollumi only EU guild to ever destroy Conflate, most individualy skilled guild 1 apollumi god can destroy 2-3 Conflate/Tyrants/Any other guild noobs with ease. Kings of DT and Mass PK.

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Good video good music
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That faction chat makes all video
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  • pineapples are the shit
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Gotcha-150 sage sin
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Kill the boy, Jon Snow
And let the man be born.


man fk dubstep tho listen real music with words in it. ,,l,,
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was a good tw, cya next week HO.