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I am new to this server so I don't know how things work.  My bm is celestial demon and I want to change it to celestial sage.  I became celestial demon using the Third Demon Fairy in the boutique.  I use 250 epic coins to buy the Celestial Schism Mold from the event forge and I have 200 mirages in inventory yet I can't change my cultivation.  I'm not sure what the issue is.  Is it because I bought the Third Demon Fairy out the boutique?

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Nvm someone already posted about this

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On this server, you have to complete the ENTIRE culti line before you can change even though you used a celestial card to get last fairy. It's a bit irritating as well cause it CAN be done where you can use the Celestial Schism WITHOUT doing the entire culti line, I'm just saying.  :rolleyes:

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You used to be able to get the skills from both vultis is why its like this now but honestly unles your 148+ i would just start a new character cause its gunna be alot less work imo.