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Who said slavery was non-existant?

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lmao thats a good one :D

stud behave please <.<

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cleric suck ma ballz :3

Do it yourself!

And yeah, story of my life, thats the reason why I get fed up of cleric quite easy beause people can be douches and HEALERS GET NO RECOGNITION! Why!? q-q

^Made by me! :P
Mhm. x'D

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Psh cheap cleric, should have stepped up and given 20m, dropping the ball that Martin guy...

Any clerics free  ;D

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lmao thats a good one :D

stud behave please <.<

Yeah Stud... behave... gosh.. balls balls balls balls..

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Dang, I remember Scelatio's comic strips. I wish he had kept going with them, they were awesome. >:

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the story of my life..... xD
lmao thats a good one :D

stud behave please <.<

Yeah Stud... behave... gosh.. balls balls balls balls..

:D <333333

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Cleric! go get me a sammich
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Hahahah that's what I used to do to a barb friend of mine when I played a veno.. it was hella funny xD

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I don't need recognition.
I healed you because I wanted to.
If I don't want to, I won't heal.
I heal you when I need you, that's why I joined the squad.
And that's why I became Cleric.
If you want me to heal you while you are in the middle of bunch of mobs, then you want me to take aggro of most of them, and die myself. (Yes, active heal steals aggro.)
You lose 10 times less XP when I revive you, there's noone to revive me with same effect.
(Unless we have 2 Clerics in the same squad.)
That's why I will sometimes let you die, revive you, and we can continue at once.
You don't have to wait several minutes for my "Back to City" and return to the battlefield.
And when I manage to get my Sage Revive, you will lose NO XP when revived by me.
Of course, if I'm still under attack, you will have to wait a bit.
About buff: some people don't wait to be buffed (or re-buffed).
I have to chase them like mother with sandwiches.
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"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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when i play cleric i just Banzai and go with the flow ^^ just make a tough cleric

oh an about the buffs i luved to buff ppl especialy with Tws etc i go with low lv cleric buffing aholes from big tw guilds :P some were realy pissed mhuhaha good old times ... il go download PW maybe some TW there * evil smile *