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Post Your Favorite EPW or PWI WEP

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My Favorite Epw Wep is

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Meh.. turn around so I can see you better. Weapon I mean

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Ty Chiibi for the great Avatar and Siggy <3

Vote for your favorite smiley.


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My damage log collection NEW

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Don't start anything please, just keep on topic.

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my favorite weapon on all time..
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Delete this guy's account.  :normal-1:
Would donate to see this happen. \o/

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Delete this topic.

I find your profile pic to be offensive and racist.
Read this and grow up
 Don't play anymore. Won't play anymore. Bye.

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My favorites where the lvl 69 daggers Evil Stare Dual Daggers and the lvl 90 ones Hitman Legends.

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Uh. Favourite wep = The best one? GG, close thread please (Or re-name to favourite skin).