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Theater of blood bug

Offline Excite

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I had 300+ hearth of bloods and a. sin atked me i couldnt use any skills or move and also droped the. hearts q.q at the end it didnt ported me out'does anyone know whats the problem?

Offline Mercy

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Did you have the Ashura: Destroyer weapon at all?
I had a similar experience a while back, i couldn't move it was like everything was stuck, when i lost the weapon everything went back to normal.

Offline Excite

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i didnt had the arshurra al was normal

Offline elllieee

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It's cause the ground is a little buggy in theater as well as the arena. Best way was to relog but even that wouldn't help cause you'd loose the bloods both ways D:

Offline Meese

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Everytime Ive been in the Theatre, I've gotten a server error which makes me have to relog. The whole Theatre is mostly bugged  :-X