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AiryGlyph was founded by WieM in Perfect World Hegemony. The guild was the most powerful clan/guild in that server and conquered almost half of the map in perfect world, NARNIA was just a member of the guild in the server. Then unluckily the server bugged down because they needed to merge with the server Celestial. After the server merged some members gone to KO2World server and this member NARNIA planned to play Perfect World Eclipse and became the leader of the guild but not that strong enough compared to the AiryGlyph before in HEGEMONY. Even though the clan was not the strong enough the members have strong friendship with each other and stayed as a group, one of them is Zean a member of the clan for almost 2 years. After the server was down some or most of the members of the clan went to Perfect World Hailstorm and this member Zean planned to play Perfect World Epic our present server to establish AiryGlyph and be the leader of the clan. The most significant in our guild is the strong friendship of the members in game and in true life being as one.


Leader: Coleen
Director: Chupolz
Good luck with your faction :3

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welcome to PWE and best of luck with AiryGlyph faction  ^-^
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tnx guys.. ^-^

appreciated much your welcome.... :police:

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