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was tryin to patch and got the error "The program can't start because PackDll.dll is missing from your computer"
am i the only one with the error? and now am i supposed to re-download everythin ?

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try to download the game CC...XD....

here is the link..


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4. Error: Missing patcher.exe or PackDLL.dll file
- Run fixit.bat in EPW/launcher
- Add patcher.exe or PackDLL.dll to your antivirus exception list and check again

Most minor problems like this can be found http://epicpw.com/support/known-issues-and-fixes/ Here
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 i tried fixit wont work ..gt the same error
nvm imma re-download epic perfect world :/

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so i tried re-downloading the client "Epic Perfect World - Torrent" and the download speed am getting is 2-3kb/sec
is thr some prob with the torrent? cause earlier the patch v63(sow patch) was downloaded in few hrs with an average speed of 140kb/sec (which is fine)

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If you are having problem with Torrent, please try direct download.