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Welcome to Epw, feel free to ask me if you need help with anything ^^
It's pretty easy starting off so, yeah c:

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Welcome to our Family :normal-2:

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Welcome friend, what class will you choose? If you are one of the classes I play I will happily add you on Skype and help you through the game. I'm away this weekend though so I don't have access to the game.

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Welcome to EPW :)
Feel free to pm me IG if you need anything.
I can also help you with any class but mystic (im still new to it :o ).

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Welcome to EPW! :)
You'll surely love it here. And yeah, like the others, I'll say the same thing. PM me in-game if you need any help. Or you can post here on the forum too if you have any questions or problems. We and the GMs will be more than happy to help out!
Enjoy and happy hunting! :)
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aww....thanks chu all <3  ;) i gotta be happy with u people :) ...
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Welcome, same as all the above ^^


If you need anything, just shout.   Hope your experience here will be awesome

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Welcome here!
If you need help with something or wanna farm/hang out, message me on Amatiel :)

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Welcome to the game, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here :tiger-1:

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  • I'm no good in PK X.x
i quit barb just playin' support classes i am no good in 1v1.

i give up PK too hard everyone too stronk. i guess i'm forever noob x.x

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Welcome to EPW and enjoy  :tiger-40: