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Double xp

When double xp will be started?  ^-^
InDaNamas-150 Demon Arch
Maxi - 150 Sage wizz
Kulakpatalka - 150 Demon sin

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not soon since we just had it 2weeks ago  :-\

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I think we have it once a month?

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exp already reduced in my idea we do'nt need 2 exp anymore


149-150 takes 1bill to lvl made lvling to easy why have a double xp o; ?

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Screw 2x XP, give us 2x Drops  ;)

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2x drops and spirit would be better. :)

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about the exp, only the exp from 149 to 150 was lessened right? cuz the rest of the lvls r still hard to get( i mean 147 to 149)

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[move]DOUBLE DROPS!! DOUBLE DROPS!![/move] :tiger-43: :tiger-40: :tiger-46:
Adrestria- 150 sage psychic
Sumiko- 150 demon veno
[move]ATTACK AND DESTROY! :3[/move]

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It's a high rate server already, don't be lazy guys :) 110-150 takes you 3days.