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Outcasts PK Vs Nohomo and others

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Ok 1st of all  This is a game and we are just having fun dont consider this vid offensive. Enjoy

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good pk is good pk. no matter what. QQers will always QQ, no matter what.

Thankie Tia <3

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Santa Power! i missed this pk >.< nice vid.

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Son of a bitc- ughhh i missed it

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One true Sparta in that video!!! Gratz Dev ;p

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✿   Ty Royal for the lovely art   ✿

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yes we had 1 cleric only es ok
gf. dev #1

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Best Video ever,music good,Good Job Kev  :normal-1: :normal-42:

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good pk is good pk. no matter what. QQers will always QQ, no matter what.

You don't want to exasperate GN Sleep  :pig-11: :pig-37:


This is what I call humiliation. Nice video though - especially the ending  ;)

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GREAT Editing, what software do you use?

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Nice vid. man,Dev did very good job as EP he was always rebuffing healing etc i see why they QQ he is like 5 of their EPs in one......... >:D

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OC #1

Panini was there.

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You missed the half hour of even numbers and you guys losing lol. Nice video

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omg... hey i miss my faction nohomo... anyways i will return soon i just got my computer fix ..... so how was  the fight??
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