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Crab Meat Jiaozi

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So after the horse meat scandal in Europe, are there any guarantees that there no horse meat in the crab meat Jiaozi?


Is this seriously something to put under GD?
Offtopic is more suited.


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KingCobra guides to dph and aps assasin. pay attention to the veri simple steps.
Aps assasin
1-donate ur house and live in a box to get 0.15 wrist on rank 8
2-get a genie with absolute domain,holy path,and 1 lv wind shield for 5 aps.
3-get shitload of wood pills and go fucking pk

Dph assasin

1-Buy Rank 8 and pray allah for gof daggers and crit/dex on gear
2-Pray Allah for zerk+ crits and use earth rift like retarded  (Pray require minium of 6 hours a day for max gof proc)
...IF none of that work delete epic>go play Hello Kitty :normal-1:

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So after the horse meat scandal in Europe, are there any guarantees that there no horse meat in the crab meat Jiaozi?
dam it made me laugh. i live in Europe and this is so close to me. we need EXPERTS to examine Crab Meat Jaozi for horse meat. if its there, ill laugh my ass off. (Never use Crab meat on EPW anyways)..Great topic. Thumbs up!


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Useless topic, but even if there is horse meat in crab meat jiaozi, my chars love it regardless.

Also...what kind of herb is used in the mp food?  My seeker felt like she was spinning after eating a couple of them when she was lower level.

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I'm at lost here. What's horse meat got to do with crab meat dumplings? Even if there IS horse meat in it, my toon has no problems with it at all (even though I don't see the point of having crab meat dumplings).

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