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EC instead of Gold - someone was too quick to close the subject :)

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"Not gonna happen, cause it would ruin whole economic."
... said Neith.

And now the economy is healthy??? ROFL

I could talk about fails of present economy the whole day.

As just one example, let's start with overinflated EC price:

In-game lack of EC is based on R8 recast EC sink and restricted ways to get EC.
(For example, shamelessly low EC drop rate in that disappointing Forest of Songs.)

Open Boutique: Ten Mill Big Note is 30 Silver, so 5 Gold is 166.66 mill coin.
5 Gold is 250 EC (one Demonic Armor Token). So, EC should be 666k each.

Or you can start chain reaction and ruin even more things by changing
price of Big Notes.

People sell Gold for 25 EC, that way 166.66 mill is 125 EC, which makes
each EC be 1.33 mill.

And what is present price of EC ??? 4-5 mill ??? 6 mill ???
Whatever it is, it's disgusting and non-productive.

It was already very bad before rollback,
then was normal for short time,
now is even worse.

Do not talk about "preserving economy" when there's nothing to preserve.
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"Don't think about winning every battle in your life.
Think only about winning the current one."

But reconsider price. You might decide to lose.

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Agatio sold 1,100,000 ec for 1.5k usd all I want is same ec rate for 500 usd which is 733 ec per ONE USD LOL ISTEAD OF 75 ec per 1 gold he gave 733 wtf that already destroyed the economy

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While ago about 2 weeks ago I said can I get 30 ec instead of 1g if I donate he said no server rule gold only the. How come xflashx got ec that too 33 times more then I was asking for per usd how come rules change for rich asses

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Would be pretty gd if u coud buy ec with real money .... :-X

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Would be pretty gd if u coud buy ec with real money .... :-X

Rich ass <<<< thats why

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Agatio already explain, if you dindt saw it i will post what he said.

Agatio Answer: "Since the server opening we have stated very clearly that we DO NOT offer ECs for donation. However if you think that you can donate as much as he did, I'd be willing to send you ECs instead of Gold. Even though it may seem to be ridiculous why people spend so much over the game, especially this one where everything can be achieved without spending a single $, but if they enjoy it, why is it a problem for us?"

Thread as been closed.
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If all you guys are gunna do is make threads to cause more problems instead of pming Agatio about it like adults then you don't need to use the forums. Just saying. So this is a warning, stop making threads about the same thing over and over again. If you have a problem with something crying about it publicly on the forums to look like a badass calling out staff in front of other people is not gunna solve a single thing. Agatio has already said things about the weapon skins and such. Nuff said. Seacrest out.