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voting issue

Offline zenauron

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so me and my girlfriend live in the same house and we both tried to vote it lets her but tells me to wait 6 hours is there somthing i can do so both of us can vote? :o

Offline Uriel

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Use your phone or go to your neighbour

Offline Shay

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You are only allowed to vote every 6 hours per IP address.  So since you are both in the same house using the same IP you will have to take turns voting.
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Offline Mynx

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me an my husband are in the same situation, i end up splitting the vote, i vote for one site on my name and he does the other on his, 60 silver apeice every 6hrs, its doable, yes its frustrating but we cope pretty damn well and if he needs more gold for something then he gets both votes  and vice versa   :tiger-1:
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the only problem i have sometime is GATE AWAY FAIL  so :D