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Pking with Sean and Demonaa. I get banned about 3mins in normal-20

Offline Stylosa

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Gm he used skillsender



Damn you guys were destroying them being that outnumbered wtf... :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2:
I'm looking at the mini map and I can clearly see how many they have. 

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The charm looks cool
Nice video , awful music  :-X

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they didn't ban you long enough, skipped through  :police: :police:

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Good vid, niggas always banning my man during pk lmao.

Cant win even numbered = lets bring more guys!

No one wants to join Angeldawn LOL


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they didn't ban you long enough, skipped through  :police: :police:
Ty Mai & Leonora & Erelim
I love seans cum
inactive a bit :/

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good video brah , but song is gay 

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David saving me everytime guys... :'( hero

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Lose that fking underscore......you and Kyle man.....

Good vid tho bro


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bruh u literally always get banned during pk
:( gn ban player he use aps sender and skillsender worst noob ea

Offline Jas

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Good video, looked easy  ^-^
Best player you bro!

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Damn man they are rlly this terrible I didn't know it was this bad. Couldn't even kill us when it was 3 man holy fck.. 0 fckin deaths should b proud of ur members guys lal
                                                                        When the staff is as cancer as the community l3l.
Good vid, niggas always banning my man during pk lmao.

Cant win even numbered = lets bring more guys!
Probably begged the GMs to ban this man after destroying them
Hopsin best music

Disbander of Team69, Warning, Xpendable, Artifex and Apollumi

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Bumping his shit because we made a deal that he'll bump mine.  :police: