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On the Perfect World wiki, it states that you can get aero gear from the boutique, but when I happen the boutique there are now flyer! Under the flyers tab says empty and there are no aero gear in any other departments of the boutique. And what does it mean when under EpicPW info it says players starts with nirvana cultivation? Do I still have to do the cultivation quests to learn skills? I couldn't find any info on nirvana cultivation. And the last blademaster skills on the bottom requires aware of vacuity right? Is that a cultivation? I'm confused, need explaining, since I really want to learn the last few skills.

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1. flyers: we are a bit diferent from PWI, we have our own custom stuff. This emans that to get a flyer you need to head to a "Mounts" NPC, there you will be able to able certain flyers. For the Rare flyers you will need to purchase a Rare Flight Token and then exchange it for a flyer at the "Boutique Forge", this can be found at West Archosaur or at 1 Thousand Streams.

2. cultivation: here at EpicPW you start with the nirvana cultivation, this means you can start your cultivation from the Elder located at Dreamweaver Port. To get to "Celestial" you can buy a fairy from the Boutique (by pressing O) or you can make all the quests, its totally up to the player to choose  :-\

3. bm skills: once you achieve the Celestial cultivation yo will be bale to learn any skill you want so i would advise you to work on that as soon as possible.

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Also, those skills on the bottom of the Blademasters skill tree are Morai skills. You already have the cultivation for them, but you have to either farm them in morai or buy them from someone else.

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To be even more specific:

You start with a high enough cultivation to level all your skills to level 10.
You can also learn the 79 and morai skills right away, assuming you have the books.

You need to do a culti to go either demon or sage before you can learn the lvl 89 req sage/demon skills.
At this point you can use the fairy from the boutique to instantly max out your culti (sage fairy for sage, demon fairy for demon.)
You can also chose to just do the culti quests from this point yourself and do it without fairy.

You need the next level of culti after hitting demon/sage (master of discord/harmony) to learn the lvl 92/99req sage/demon skills.

Once you do your culti or use a fairy to get the final stage (celestial sage/demon) you can learn your level 100 skills as well.

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Ok, I got it, thanks, but How do I change gold to epic coins? The Boutique forge only accepts epic coins.

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Ok, I got it, thanks, but How do I change gold to epic coins? The Boutique forge only accepts epic coins.

you don't. sell the boutique gold to people for EC (i assume buy the items from the boutique, then they pay you accordingly)