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I have tried everything to get the patch in but it keeps coming up unable to update.  I have tried clicking on the patch file and it says the same thing.  I have tried patching it from inside and it says the same thing I can not get into the game at all until it patchs and I don't know what to do

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Hello. Please restart the PC, start the patcher and click Verify button.

If it doesn't work, try these solutions:
- Run the patcher as administrator and check again
- Add patcher.exe to your antivirus/firewall exception list and check again
- if methods above fail, please patch the game manually: http://epicpw.com/index.php?page=patches
- Alternately redownload / reinstall the client

Offline trkstop

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Thanks very much that did the trick.  When I rebooted the patch went right in.   Thanks again