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That's life. Oh the *** well. Can't wait for all of the idiots to move to guam/canada/to wherever the ***. Like they said they would. ^-^

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Based on the projections and lead trump has in AZ, WI, and PA I think it's safe to say that trump has a very dominating lead that won't be overcome. #PresidentTrump2016?
Why one contradicts. We often contradict an opinion, while actually it is only the tone with which it was advanced that we find disagreeable.

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Tbh #prayingRussia&KoreanukeUs

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Not the hero the usa needs but the hero they deserve.
Tme for canada to close the borders.
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Hell yeah, he will fk FED, world bank, UN, FMI and other shits.Fk the system.

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donald duck won? i mean trump

ღαiz૯ℓ iઽ ℓѳ√૯ღ

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Sucks, not the one they need nor the one they deserve lel

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LF: a nice futa gf and a herd of pomerians

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ofcourse people dont want war with russia and syria lmfao i think this was very obvious choice

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Sad day for the America and the world.

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“Everything must be equal in your eyes, good and evil, beautiful and ugly, foolish and wise.”
- Michael Ende, The Neverending Story

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Donald Trump, the new God-Emperor of the planet.

Shall he lead us down the path of richeousness and enlightenment, purging this world from its cancers of SJW propaganda and radical left-wing extremism. 

No longer will be sit silently and wait for change, no longer will be sitting idly by as our great nation is being destroyed by invaders and those who hate our democracy.

We, the people, will follow he new leader of the free world and not only make America Great Again, but make the entire world great again.