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DT Rekt & Safe zone'd No Longer Worthy

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  • Server way too easy
  • Characters: Yuri
  • Faction: Artifex
Don't bother showing up anymore  

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  • Characters: Holiness, Kamui
  • Faction: Xpendable, Apollumi
playing on diesel watch?

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  • Disbanded Tyrants, Siege, Hangover, AG, Rectify, Cardinals, Heaven and made them RQ to a diff server
  • Characters: PedroSner/ Sner
  • Faction: Artifex Leader
If only those guys could put up a challenge for once lmao nice video man

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There is no challenge for us Lol ,nice video yuri

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  • ♥Sam♥
  • Characters: Bambi/iLoyalty
  • Faction: Artifex ★420★
Nice one Yuri 

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  • Characters: Hyane
 :normal-42: nice one team 

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  • Characters: ★vαηιsнε∂★
  • Faction: ★мυғғιη★
Once again undefeatable.