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Apollumi: The Last DT (10vs10 with tyrants included)

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based on how easy DTs have been the past few months, we have been an unstoppable force and we feel it is unfair towards low tier guilds such as Tyrants, 420 and 0Fksgiven so we decided to stop doing dragon temple to give these guilds a chance

Apollumi still the undisputed greatest guild of all time, today's dt was a sad massacre i felt pity
enjoy your necks boys
enjoy the music and pve
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Good video brother, but no time for easies , need real PVP challenges now.

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still haven't got the chance to test new gear, gg anyways i guess cant believe u actually used this song

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Target practice bro?   :normal-13:
mis amores♥

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good video idol ,apollumi greatest guild to ever exist  

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  • Server way too easy
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Man china give more challenge  good video

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Link/Artist of the first song please.
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Hope a challenging guild comes around sometime, nice video my man.
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I really liked this song , nice vid bro  easy DT

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we're unbeatable 

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epic fail slayer, unknown build his squad around him and lose so badly lmao

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guys ty for the futures DSs in advance  :-* :-*

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Good video ! Last dt was sad as everyone could see,locked in sz qq ,we are best guys ! <3 

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Nice video and music Maxy enjoyed it

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guys ty for the futures DSs in advance  :-* :-*
Np man we decided to let the 2nd tier guilds like  Tyrants, etc to get a chance now.