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Offline zSentinel

  • Br God
  • Still easy
  • Characters: zSentinel
  • Faction: Tyrants
Lf someone to change name for BadDavie
thats cool

Offline Jao

  • nothing makes sense
  • Faction: Tyrants

Offline ╭∩╮(︶︿︶)MokoLoko

  • Underestimated.
  • Characters: MokoLoko
Need to get him to change name to Davie yo
People always change, but the memories don't.

Offline AntiForm

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  • Your Friendly Sand Nigga
  • You Aint Gotta Lie to Kick It
  • Characters: Too many to list
  • Faction: Shindola#1
The boy moko needs someone to give him some love. (Men only) 

Offline Explicit

  • ★C★
  • Characters: Exclusive
  • Faction: Maverick Leader
LilDavie I already made LilUglyDavie
Kiwi was here ❤

Offline Demonaa 🔥

  • Sean♥
  • Retired rofl .I.
  • Characters: Prodigy
  • Faction: Tyrants #1