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1337 presents-Кошмар PvP Vol. 2| Nation Wars Domination

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A few clips from last nights nw, stopped recording after about an hour since mouse died. Enjoy

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Another good video by inventor of mage gameplay.  :police:

Amazing avatar and signature by Téahaha~

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great video as always bro very nice  :-* :-*

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Nice video I'm your biggest fan  :-[

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Another master piece bro, love it, good stuff man 
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Nice video and great gameplay as usual Pavle.
Keep it up

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Nice video I'm your biggest fan  :-[
:normal-48: :normal-48:
Thanks all :)

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hi , hey , nice video you 

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Damn best mage no doubt bro

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Good video man, freaking squad of death!

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Funny party comp' to play.
Nice video, as usual.

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