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Yummy Bacon Bits Morning Apo Pk

Offline Yuri

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  • Server way too easy
  • Characters: Yuri
  • Faction: Artifex
Thanks for morning grub China + Pinoy's great pk :)

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  • Characters: Kya
Nice video Yuri ;3 изи 

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  • Disbanded Tyrants, Siege, Rise, Hangover, AG, Rectify, Savagery and made them RQ to another server
  • Characters: PedroSner/ Sner
  • Faction: Artifex Leader
Nice video ,morning pks always fun .
Kiwi was here ❤

Offline Sam

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  • ❤Sandy❤
  • Characters: Mitch/SongJoongki
  • Faction: Artifex