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dad 1v1 video

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hi guys its me agin with new intro ( ty kasing) thats some 1v1 few easy few harder ty for 1v1s guys and also i hope u enjoy the video :D the God Mage vs Mysts/Venos the Sasuke normal gameplay dont let me unleash Sharingan eyes guys !
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Really nice video dad, me so proud of mine papa!  :normal-35:

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The god!Nice music and gameplay daddy

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nice pk! 8) 8)

i love when aftermath find the opportunity to gang in 1 vs 1 someone they don't like hahaha and still dad won  :)) :))

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ayy fck mystics lmao much pain 

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Op video nub wizzy
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Nice video daddy-kun, like the new intro as well.  :-*

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