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Yo, small 1v1 vid for the fans.
Posting only the fight where they nearly got me, I beat all 10-0.
Not really active, I'm rusty and log sometimes for my brother and student (bonus 2 last fight from him).
Will not have time to play again for a while, so.. have fun guys.

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funny how 1st two rounds ended, gj boss 

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Damn they got destroyed 

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wew didn't know there where 1v1 ep's around :o nce vid fam keep it up, its good to see something else then most classes here on forums :D
my timing will beat your speed.
my presicion beats your power.
Zzzzzzz 60% warning lvl ( cannot post )
OMG GM HE POSTED SOME TT PLS MUTE HIM OR REMOVE HIM QQ, little fagget ur in the pk game play the pk game i make the fkn rules little tiny midget and if u can't stand my sh!t then dont provoke me or QQ afterwards fucktard.
Some tips to people that cant stand people like me ( cold blooded 0 emotions and 0 mercy.
Tip 1: stop trolling poking or provoking us cuz u will be fkt
tip 2 : challange us oke good do it but dont QQ afterwards if u lose something.
Tip 3 : goes to tip 1 IF u still provoke us dont get shocked when we wanna fk ur entire clan / so called family.
tip 4 : PLS feed us

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Nice one man good music

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Nice one man good music
1:56, nice rage  :police:
Good video btw! Best ep c:

I'm not angry, I'm just bored enough to make enjoyable drama
Ty Mari & Kei

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Nice video brother, love this music

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Uncontested ep, good sh1t man

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I love how he cuts the most part of his gameplay out, our 1v1 lasted about 10 minutes of him just spam healing and not even trying to do anything. After finally being caught by a SoG or sleep he just used the same hiero macro every time until he eventually lands a double crit. No respect for that kind of gameplay man.

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Nice boy. 8)

Ps: Whos this fcking veno.. Purging me in pk >:( >:(