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How many spouses have you had on EPW?

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Clearly in-game marriage is a serious business. Regardless if was just for fun or actual e-dates. Not a thread to start drama but how many spouses have you had? You can post just a number or name them all below.

15 here. Most were never e-dates and most were regrets.

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Only 1 that matters is my banana

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Just one, my irl girlfriend, for the past 3 years. 
Yea I'm boring.

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some say half of the server, some say secretly the whole server, but i only say 2 

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0 bc im a child of God
♥ ♥ ♥

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never been married, i'm innocent and pure like an angel. 

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never been married, i'm innocent and pure like an angel.

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??? Where my name
Idk too many to count. ' - '

Don't get mad, get sadistic.

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Didn't marry them yet but I have 200 bitches (apollumi) 

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My right hand been strong edate for a while, but we split up a few times ): does remarry count?

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Greatest player trophy room:
1. Beat every player in this game one way or the another
2. One of the first playoffs conquerors if not the first
3. Most 2v2 event wins ever with Aizox
4. Epic Tournament 2015 Winner with the great Xpendable Team
5. Contributor to the only guild to beat Conflate in TW
6. Destroyer of Tyrants 6-0 TW, 28-5 DT

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