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Passiv primal

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Just add passiv primal skills 

That can change gameplay and make balancing already 

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I dont think passive primal skills will balance shiit

Apollumi the champions


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They weren't added for a reason... lmao 

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Courtney #1 edate.

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yes sure, add it, wb need boost

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-1 for a lot of reasons...

  EpicPW World Chat after Tyrants vs Apo

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I wish we had it but I'm afraid it would break the game so I'm not sure about this.

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 :normal-2: what the fack, -1 Absolutely gamebreaking

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is this some sorta joke ?

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What are passive primals again?
If the username starts with Galen, it's probably me.


I was wondering what the next dumb suggestion would come from, tbh give em I'd love to walk around with 50% crit rate again on my bm *since that was deemed* too OP :D, yall so funny man :D