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Make me the absolute ruler got over 50 pages before it got locked (within 1-2 days) http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=36002.0
Apollumi main guild's thread has under 40 pages atm with all their members spamming just to keep it afloat (for months LUL) http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=34030.0

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[22:22:51] Erelim: as clearly posted a few times now, you can like everyone else, see how many views somoene has
[22:22:53] Marko: 300 views
[22:22:54] Marko: 115 likes
[22:22:56] Marko: 6000 views
[22:22:57] Marko: 115 likes
[22:23:06] Marko: unexplained
[22:23:25] Mark: only 9 subs actually got registered
[22:23:28] Mark: as actual humans
[22:23:46] Mark: and only 1.5k views
[22:24:01] Erelim: clearly still expecting answers without giving them
[22:24:03] Mark: ''views the last 30 days''
[22:24:08] Mark: - 1.5k
[22:24:17] Marko: he just gave you
[22:24:17] Mark: your last vid was 4 days ago and alrdy got 6k views
[22:24:19] Mark: amazing right
[22:24:19] Marko: your answer
[22:24:40] Erelim: a ss of me instead of my gf?
[22:24:48] Mark: we're talking about you?


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He was just a monkey.

I... I... I...

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Apollumi outplayed once again. 

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lul they're irrelevant compared to the old school legends

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Apollumi the champions


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lul they're irrelevant compared to the old school legends
i like your signatures all the trash heads in wall you should add to that sig trash gods instead,

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