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someone is again using my name but spelled differently and asking people in my faction for their account infos.... please take care of this it has lost me some members already

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I am one of the people he sent it to. I mean Lawl.

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Man this is so sad how someone tries to pull these things off...same thing happened to me in my faction...retards.
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Yeah, I got pm'd by him as well. Asking the same stuff xD
It's easy to see it's not who they are trying to be though. I mean just look at how the name is spelled, lol! x:

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By the Way the GUY who is acting like him, his name is CIutz , a 147 assassin. I also have SS of him saying he is.
post that SS too stella plox <3

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Please post the screenshots to a GM in PM or e-mail them. Thank you.