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Allowed to change music in Elenemt

Hi, is it allowed to change the music in the folder music of the epic pw folder, i would ask it first, like maybe i will get banned or something :/

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Yes, it's allowed. People edit whole files to make their UI look more pretty, so I don't see why changing the music would be forbidden.  ^-^

Thanks Neve

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If it's ok to cheat then what makes you think it's not ok to change music?
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There is no way this could even be possibly detected, because this is client-side.
No, this is not bannable.
Unless something gives you an advantage over someone else in the game, it is not bannable
(except TT going through doors, just bc instance and can't be detected anyway)

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You can change anything cosmetic to the client, the only thing that will get you in trouble will be 3rd-party programs or elementclient.exe edits that give you advantages over others in-game.

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how about just change the default music the game put in and use yours inteadddd. fun.
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