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Apollumi exposed - Best guild in PW?

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midnight pk vs 3rd hand guild, heavily outnumbered , 1 wr (Apollumi maister Insanity) vs 6 unknowns from Tyrants, heavily outclassed by the better players ( us )
shoutout to my squad , killing in a blink of an eye top gun best players in pw any guild we are in LOL!!

covered cast bar maybe i get ratted ?
enjoy ^_^

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Greatest player trophy room:
1. Beat every player in this game one way or the another
2. One of the first playoffs conquerors if not the first
3. Most 2v2 event wins ever with Aizox
4. Epic Tournament 2015 Winner with the great Xpendable Team
5. Contributor to the only guild to beat Conflate in TW
6. Destroyer of Tyrants 6-0 TW, 28-5 DT

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easiest pk even when they have more lol

was nice pking 1 week with no refine on neck thx Migos

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Easiest PK of my life bro ...Wasn't even trying lmao..
Good video

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lolay a noob with skillsender  :'(
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lmao video of best pt and guild destroying wannabes once again 
really nice video geo, music was enjoyable as well man 

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ROFL, best guild only Conflate. Ez 9-1, ez 2-0, ez europe

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ROFL, best guild only Conflate. Ez 9-1, ez 2-0, ez europe
Sorry bro low level individual skill lose 10v10.

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ROFL [2] 3-2. vs 9-1 and 2-0, LOOOOOOOOOOOL

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stop humiliating enemy malpraxis they might disban soon  :'(
Im not stupid, im just too lazy to show you how smart i really am.

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[6:00 PM] Pedro: LOL Faeluna forever TeamSner + EdateSner

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