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Another idea about Donations

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Is it possible anyways add more items under donations, like epic coins, why not other stuff like puzzles and warsongs and even crazier to actually donate for stats u need, i mean lot people, i would donate for it.

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pls i need this donation option :normal-12:

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pls i need this donation option :normal-12:
Idk if u took my laughing smiles spam comment offensive but is funny since you  know it won't happen we recently kinda balanced prices after the cape engrave thing,image what happens if people start selling belts/puzzle prices would be waaaaaaaaaaaaay too low and pretty sure people that PvE all day and don't donate at all would be really pissed,that's like main reason EC donation was taken out from the list years ago,I won't deny that PE kinda ruined the donation shop since you could donate for damas and sell em for EC to get ornaments and such,only thing that worth donating for now is gender change (points to sell em) or ID stones lal gold is a joke nowdays prob it will worth more after 1.5.3 expansion.

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Another reason i stopped donating.Better things to be had in game!

Just say'in....  :rolleyes:
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+1 , cuttest / best sin Need it <3

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Loooooooool Dun Copy Me Man xD , Add PE to shop (; 

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damn watch out u pretty much asking for appolumi privilege, they gonna hurt u so they can keep that sht :))


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