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0FkGiven vs Apollumi & Tyrants & Aftermath

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These clips were recorded 2-3 days ago when fighting Apo at lost for fun was really a great pk had fun.

I notice my video already had 2 dislikes and i didn't even post it on forums yet xD Stalker Alert <3

0FkGiven  recruiting more pkers come join us and have fun with the game for once.

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Nice , that 1st PK was dope had fun.

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Good video, PK has been fun lately :normal-25:

   ᴬᵘᵗ & ᴬᵘᵗⁱ

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that slaughter at end on AM sig, nice stuff yuri

Offline Adam

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Ty for the pk hoping for more like this cuz if u outnumbered us x3 times its fair but my assignment hurts more :'(

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Nice PK  ;D ;D

Very good music i liked it  8) 8)

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