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Tyrants vs Apollumi| The Dance of Death|1337 PoV

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Uncut footage from yesterdays pk which was pretty easy, 1 death only whole time. PK ended when the enemy decided to hide on bridge after countless wipes and after that it got pretty boring, the winner is evident.
BLANK- Psycho
Snowgoons-The Hatred
Virtuoso and Snowgoons- Statue

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facking bridge locked lmao 

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Will watch later 
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i missed big scale pk now after this video  i dont, seems like marathon need script to active your holy path every 10 seconds to find enemy

nice video  :-* :-* :-* :-*


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nice video, loved the music 
Inactive 4eva.

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Good Video bruh    was so easy pkey  destruction 

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Bridge is love, bridge is life <3 :monkey-15:

Ps: Your music sucks!

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Damn Winner POV so good to watch |  Best mage bro 

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DAMN that pk looked so easy lmao

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dead noob  ;D
learn from that EA in ur squad with wood pill 24/7  :normal-4:
nice music bro)

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Tyrants 30 deaths 3000 kills
Apolumi 3000 deaths 30 kills

Apolumi won

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DAMN that pk looked so easy lmao
Would be even easier if your nub ass wasn't out getting drunk last night :normal-3:

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look ez man good vid  :tiger-42:

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Nice music Op gameplay !!