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Destroying wannabe tacticians #8min

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Posting for my boy Sean. They really think they're tacticians and can beat the Tyrant legends who are undisputed #1 guild on server atm (8 min). Apollumi can't even kill towers in TW but think they can make tactics LEL
This video is visual proof of how delusional those sweaty virgin kids are, I bet they were shaking when they saw the Tyrantian army approach. Ez pk, you can't beat us. Study this video for some good gameplay and stop spamming media section with your mediocre PWI gameplay lul
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Easy as always ;)
Also, nice roast Teru LOL
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Damn insane plays by my boy, this guy must have juiced for this PK 

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boring pk
we r the best
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Damn, looked EZ bois. 

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Looked easy sadly i joined pk late only to see enemy on bridge #Apollumi trendsetters #Bridge Defense 


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How to lose with 2 alliances (TheClick)(Unrivaled) vs less numbers (Tyrants) and have warning only backstabbing us.. This is how terrible these guys are man...
                                                                        When the staff is as cancer as the community l3l.

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 :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2: #Baselocked in TW and #bridgeLocked in PK
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Lol Niiiice, came late but was fun & good vid

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Ez Pz --Aponoobie-- :P :P :P

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Rofl :x .. Nice vid for sure❤

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damn fam 1st 3:20 minutes of video was tight, till some strong ass tight gameplayer left. fr tho squad was tight was slayin dogs right and left harder than whole Chinese nations combined. 

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nice video and good mustic  

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They tried pretending it was DT yesterday and nw bridge battle today. Nothing seems to be working so they pretend to win anyway.