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new class's

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when patch with new class's coming??

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beta next month or something idk but dont post on media xD 
my timing will beat your speed.
my presicion beats your power.
Zzzzzzz 60% warning lvl ( cannot post )
OMG GM HE POSTED SOME TT PLS MUTE HIM OR REMOVE HIM QQ, little fagget ur in the pk game play the pk game i make the fkn rules little tiny midget and if u can't stand my sh!t then dont provoke me or QQ afterwards fucktard.
Some tips to people that cant stand people like me ( cold blooded 0 emotions and 0 mercy.
Tip 1: stop trolling poking or provoking us cuz u will be fkt
tip 2 : challange us oke good do it but dont QQ afterwards if u lose something.
Tip 3 : goes to tip 1 IF u still provoke us dont get shocked when we wanna fk ur entire clan / so called family.
tip 4 : PLS feed us

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when patch with new class's coming??
open beta will start in around 10 days

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Once it's ready... Soon

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OC Meme right here