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Acback and Lalinha- Dinner for Two (No buff and outnumber)!!

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I hope you enjoy, this my first vídeo this still new to me, let me know what you guys think
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1st post, will watch later kkkkks, bravo for new PC xD

Still need better net hun. Nice video tho. Speed it up a bit more or cut some of it 18 mins too long xD

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Nice vid you two were a good duo and your dmg was so high 

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Quality video m8.  Nice to see more psy videos.

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Killer mode , Nice vid Acback :P

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this video was actually really enjoyable
good one man, like quinn said, it's super nice seeing more psy videos
keep it up dude ;)

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do you dmg bro .. nice video good music 
 i feel like demon psys so useless now LOL .. sage crit and dmg at the same time  :police:

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Thank you all, I want you guys have fun with my videos and I'm sorry for the duration of this first ;) ;)