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Hi today at the playoffs i lost my fight becous of "airbug" ( vs a barb so he had time to run to me and stun lock after i get out of "airbug") even tho i could heal once ( that all time i had after this bug end) the fight has been accepted cuz i healed whiel if i wanst in the bug i could tactical reversion the barb sleep seal or anything and still could heal( had low hp) but nope also this WB won the playoff could be complete diffrent if he lost that fight that he was going to do i asked for rematch but GM refused it with reason "u healed" but he dindt saw that insta stun lock after that heal and that it was all i could do all the time i had was only enought for 1 heal THAT BULLSHYT AS *** if u want to see video ask EvilTouch for the Video i think he streamed the fight or did he turn off during this duel idk
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sorry but what
i cant understand this..

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@  Adam I can't understand what you're trying to say either.  :normal-17:
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Hey Adam

If you feel your situation was not fair, please post to helpdesk so you can discuss with a GM directly.

Link: Helpdesk
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You can always solo kill him outside SZ for revenge. :) 😎
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playoffs outside arena is extreme retarded, duels are stupid as *** mages/eps/venomancers etc can sog/sleep or even stun you even with your immune on but gms will never understand this
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No idea what your trying to say. Gms need to increase fights by another 2-3minutes, stopped doing it because of people camping for duels.
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EvilTouch's Playoffs :

5 minute fights. 4/5 of them ending in a duel.

Dream's Playoffs : 

7 minute fights. 2/5 of them ending in a duel because of increased time.

Dueling is the bane of the events existance and proves absolutely nothing. 

Find a different way to make the fights not as cancerous and remove duels entirely. It's literally "free win" to the class advantage, not to mention that some skills hit through Sutra/AD immunities in duel. (It's a bug).

Psychic aura's stun you through AD/Sutra/etc.

Absorb Soul hits you through AD/Sutra/etc.

Soulforce damage hits you through it, etc etc.