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2x XMAS 2013 Daggers ; Twin Shadow
MDef Warsong Belt with 2 Attack/9 Magic
Dragon Claws x 2
Nirvy Poleaxe Thunder Shock+3x int (WB)
Nirvy Bow with Seal+3x int (EA)
Dragon Glaive
XMAS 2013 Spheres ; Heartless
Primal Bow with SS+3x int
HA Dragon Helm with +300 accuracy(#NoMiss)
LA Dragon Helmet
AA Dragon Wrists
PDef Dragon Neck
2x MDef Dragon Neck
PDef Dragon Belt
MDef Dragon Belt
Dragon Might Ring : 2 Def/11 Vit
3x Dragon Might Ring : Clean
Dragon Magic Ring : 2 def/11 Vit
PDef DS : 2 Attack/2 Defense Levels
MDef Cube : 2 Attack/9 Dex
10x The Tender Slaves (+50 Str Tome)
Divine Ignorance (+50 Dex Tome)
Sin/Psy/EP/EA Flights


Other Flights

Destroyer of the Realm
Dimension Splitter
Radiant Sword
Crystal Scar
2015 XMAS Reskisn
Ice Ice Baby
2x Permafrost

Sacrificial Slash - Seeker Primal Skill
2x Rare Flight Token
30x Neuma Chest

Leave a comment or message me on the forums with what you want, and your offer. I'm not naming prices for anything, thanks
Trades welcome, but typically GOLD/EC/DAMAS/EFT/PTS kthanks <3
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PS:Ignore random /size shit, its annoying Ik.


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Farm for me Warsouls :3 

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Farm for me Warsouls :3
nah.chris already wants me to get them for him xd.

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buy my shit,thanks <3

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Bumping for Tim because bad.

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Bumping for Tim because bad.
bumping reply because RingPop's are cool, and she has one ):