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Apollumi - Tick Tock

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Slowed it down so I could fit 2 songs, sadly I cant do much about the lag cause I got shitty computer. Parents wont let me get better stuff cause indian  :-[

720p is available, 1080p should be done in the next minute or so.
Ayyyyyyyyyyyyy. First.
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dude so easy holy *** i didnt die once, black voodoo even ran out omg 

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Do you even simple models? normal-30

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looked easy af omg :))
nice1 sid 


guys.. tyrants are horrible lmao
ggwp bro
nice video!

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lul 0 death pretty easymode DT even with them having more online and 17 guilds backstabing us
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Do you even simple models? normal-30
No bro, I need to find edate. can't find edate if i see her as simple model, know what i mean?


nice vid dude i liked the songs :police:
 i actually watched it..no simple model best
easy dt.....

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shout out to david
and dt was surprisingly fast
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0 death easy dt
nice video :police:
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Very nice video Sid, u render this stuff insanely fast waw.... and ayyyy how fast the dt was finished  :(

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Too easy DT man , they lose with 30 more and guilds backstabbing us lol so bad....
Nice video bro