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Ability to change gear

Offline noul

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Return the ability to change gear in combat mode, please, it is difficult to survive :pig-12:

Offline Kasai

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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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baqwulf bro we  need you to shut down the thread owner 

It's not how much time you have, it's how you use it.

Offline Russian Girl

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return swap all or at least the ring and capes

Offline Lexmau

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block script macros or na 

Offline blackdontcrak

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Nice upd, It is still easy to kill Apollumi :)
i'm guessing it's just as easy for us to spam kill you x D butthurt

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No , game is way better this way imo

Offline noul

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Server has more than 4 years, each server player has 3-4 set equipment
P.s. You do not understand the word balance

Thank your, guys :pig-1:

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Offline Naruto

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Don't bring it back, PK is better that way.

kitty stew

stupid people, which scripts, administration may continue to listen to Apo and destroy server. :pig-1:
Apo scripted as much as you guys.. the guy who created forum guide to script is in Apo as well LOL

it's entire server Agatio listened to genius, not Apo

chill your tits mr obsession with apo

Offline fragexe

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up script come back
Come Back Tommy...

Offline Tarik

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All these russians commenting to get gear swap back  ;D ;D