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Difference in Official Pw and Epic Pw

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Hi all. Just discovered EPW and wanted to know the biggest differences between the two. Some background:

I was a long time player of the PWI game but eventually in 2013/2014 I burnt out. Spent way too much cash on the game and eventually saw that the greedy Devs there, were milking the game dry. Went online yesterday again and saw gold at 4mil, servers been merged and items being sold at double the price. This made me very sad as I still love the game (and spent about $2000 on it). One of my only MMO's I enjoyed till endgame. To be more specific... I started playing the game before anniversary packs so I kinda was there from the start. Stopped at R9 recast etc etc.

I've read through a lot of the forums and descriptions of EPW and I like how this version of PW has been modded. Some stuff are not explained very well though and would love to have clarification. 

One of the biggest unbalances in the game was R9. I see R8 is in with recasts but no R9. Is this true? 
How do you get/farm or collect Dod/Vit gems?
Do you buy gold from RMAH for like rep and stuff? If not how do you get these stuff? (I did read there are vendors for that but with what do you buy then?)
Are there packs in the game? (Hope not)
I see you can get till lvl 150. Are the old quests (lvl 1 to 100) still there to grind on?
Are the new skills in there too? 

Busy downloading the game now so I'm excited to get into it again. Hope to get some good productive answers.

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Hey there, and welcome!

We have no rank9 here, it's true.
The gems are simple to get, from an NPC God's Giving which you can find in any town near a teleporter.
You can vote for gold here https://panel.epicpw.com/, and then use it to buy reputation or anything else from the boutique.
There are no packs in game (other than the wedding packs :D)
The old quests are still there, mostly, but since the exp you get from the quests is increased her, you outlevel them fast. You can still complete them though.
The skills we have are Primal and Morai, no Eclipse ones (yet).

I hope you enjoy your time here, and don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have!

P.S. Use these guides, they are super helpful
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Tyrants is the best guild on the server -  all you need to know tbh 

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Ah thank you Ivory. That does make me glad. I was still with Morai yes but not Eclipse so I don't see myself missing anything lol. Primal doesn't ring a bell so maybe that something new too explore. What about the reforming of your character? Is that Primal or am I of the ball here?

@Kareem: Ah the classical smack talk with the guilds. OK then I'll be sure to keep an eye out for them ;D (Thank god that didn't change, that was the best part in PW. TW and Faction wars too.)

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They are basically 2 different games now.
So much customisation here in terms of gear, maps, fashion, events, dungeons etc.
that we are quite removed from official

Ivory already ninja'd me but I thought I'd just post my essay anyway:

1. No R9 at all
2. No need for DoDs or DoTs or JoSDs or anything,
stones are not an important item here and are easily obtained.
Everyone has vit +20 in gear and personal choice in weapons.
3. Rep is bought with gold. You can donate for gold, vote for it every 6hrs
or just buy gold or rep or other items from other people with Epic Coins, our main currency.
4. No packs, thank god.
5. Quests are there but useless and some are broken.
There are some altered higher level quests to do, such as Goshiki's questline and such,
but questing isn't really a focus on this server, at this point in time.
Still plenty of other PvE stuff to do.
6. Our skills are as recent as the Primal update.

No new classes or housing or any of that new, broken, cashgrabby stuff.

These will help you a lot:

Good luck.

Edit: If by reforming, you mean rebirth, it was never implemented here.

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Epic is pretty much a PK server with minor amounts of PVE, if you enjoy farming as a pastime don't play here. All you'd be doing is spamming GV, FSP, HDD and farming instances

The PK is dope though 

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Welcome to hell. I look forward to seeing you in game!

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create a sin and be like rest of server npnp

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Been playing and I must say it is epic. One last question. Can a non farming class ie a Wiz Psy get gear just as fast as a farming class aka BM and Sin? 

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bm n sin can farm 3-3 np np

maybe even aps build barbs

anything else tho gl

kitty stew

Been playing and I must say it is epic. One last question. Can a non farming class ie a Wiz Psy get gear just as fast as a farming class aka BM and Sin?

wiz and psy are not even remotely as good a dps class as a sin so don't expect them to ever be as good at farming

but as it is, most players make their profits from engraving ornas and selling them and the farming they do is rebirth fsp hdd bh etc

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i've played pwi for 8years and i can say this server is way more fun(now)
maybe 5-6years ago when only like 5 players were r9 and it wasn't as much of  a cash scam it was fun, but currently it is just a play 2 win game, even back then people would still sell their cars and houses just to get some gear, now its ridiculous, pretty sure pwi has made over 300million dollars.
Epic pw is better, i have been here 4 years and i haven't donated a dollar, but still make 250k+ ec monthly, currently it is very easy to get gear and there is a fair amount of pk. You can still do farming with pwi instances, but it wouldn't really be worth it.
these hoes aint shit
Tyrants is the best guild on the server -  all you need to know tbh
Yeah, Kareem will gear you himself. PM Hidan ingame for invite!

OT: Welcome, have fun. 

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Been playing and I must say it is epic. One last question. Can a non farming class ie a Wiz Psy get gear just as fast as a farming class aka BM and Sin?
join a guild
get ds neck from nightscream isle
belt farm or buy
do events
join faction trials
do gv hdd fsp bh and uch
-> pk ready in 1month if u start alone
for better dmg /defence u will have to put more effort and consider engraving a 2nd belt with the extra st u will get till 2atk mag/dex /str or 2def rpdt/rmdt or ofc 3atk/def
these sell rlly well and are the main method of getting rich quick

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Tyrants is the best guild on the server -  all you need to know tbh